Torra Norith

Torra Norith is a ruin fortress that sits just north of Terish De’Carn and on the shores of Lake Bovil. In ages past, before The Bright Empire existed, evil chaos cults abounded.

Two such champions of chaos, lords of destruction in their own right, were two brothers named Molan and Felan. Vicious and cunning beyond measure, and without a scrape of mercy in their war hardened hearts, they led hordes of bestial humonoids to victories against the armies of good. With the spoils of their bloody campaigns, they raised a might keep and rained terror and violence down upon all in their demesne.

In the end, the brother’s success was their undoing. Disparate forces of men, dwarves, and elves, rallied together in a crusade agaisnt the wicked chaos lords. For 39 days , the allies laid siege to the foul keep known as Torra Norit. On the 40th day, the walls were breached, and the captain of the elves, Lucian Delothain, dealt Felan a fatal blow.

Felan’s brother Molan, however, had a different fate. While the elves and dwarves razed most of Torra Norith to the ground, a group of men, the Paladins of Lady Justica were seeking out Molan. But before the leader of the Paladins of Lady Justica could deal the final blow to Molan, Molan made a foul pack with the chaos beings of the nether deeps. Offering his soul up to eternal servitude to unnamed spirits of chaos in exchange for the opportunity to return and wreck vengeance once the forces of good weakened in the world, Molan’s body was was consumed by dark flames.

Today, some dare whisper that in the current age, after the fall of The Bright Empire, the time is ripe for Molan to return and lead a new horde of beast men against the diminishing forces of light and usher in a new error of chaos and darkness. With sightings of foul beast mean at night and kidnappings near the town of Terish De’Carn, many good folk despair.

Are there any in the ranks of common folk who will rise to meet this growing evil?

Torra Norith

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