Its a dark, dark, world...

The Adventure Begins

The Bright Empire fell into darkness long ago. Now, the light of civilization is but a few candle lights of hope in a vast and dangerous world. Long gone are the days of well kept roads and the King’s Knights to maintain peace in the world.

The village of Terish De’Carn , a ruin barely salvaged into a town after the great civil war, has over the past two generations slowly began to recover. The population has began to reach an almost robust number, and hope for the future starts to become possible. At least, this was so until the beast men started coming.

For several weeks, strange beast men, mockeries of humanity, have taken to sneaking into the village at night, kidnapping the young and helpless, and stealing them away in the night towards the ruins of Torra Norith.

The town’s militia of a mere 15 men armed with hide armor and spears left for the ruins several days ago and none have returned. The once growing population is now down to a mere 155 citizens, most of them to old or to young to fight. Thus it falls on a handful of farmers, peasants, merchants, and other common folk to muster what weapons they can, and head off into the ruins of Torra Norith, and end the beast men terror, or die trying…